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Question Everything

Question Everything! Why?

Nothing has ever been done so well that it can't be improved, and that includes our performance. If you're doing anything today the same way you did last year, and you're 'satisfied,' you need to start asking questions. You may be missing opportunities to improve.

A satisfied disposition can be as big an obstacle as a fixed mindset. Just because something works today, or is even successful, this doesn't necessarily mean it works as well as it can, and this certainly does not guarantee it will work tomorrow or that you will have continued success.

I don't advocate innovation for the sake of innovation,

but an openness to opportunity is paramount!

Within an organisation, change through innovation needs to be practical and has to be facilitated, not enforced. Buy-in needs to be achieved top, bottom and everywhere in between if growth is to become part of the organisation culture.

Embracing a growth mindset, and making it a feature of your organisational ethos or culture creates a environment in which staff at all levels engage with their surroundings through a prism of opportunity, evolution and growth.

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