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Short: Make Your Service Magical!

Make your service magical.

Competition is everywhere and finding creative ways to differentiate your service or products is becoming increasingly more complex. Client expectations are changing and if your service doesn't meet those expectations, you can very easily be replaced due to a diminishing window to develop brand loyalty. Brands need to stand for something specific, declare their presence and establish their narrative, especially if they are new to the market.

Standing out from the crowd in a clutter of visual and aural noise is fundamental to your success and survival in business. Regardless of your longevity or authority, your client base is evolving and being presented with a diversification in offering to match their evolving expectations. Entirely new products and services are challenging for their attention and your cut of the market, regardless of what that market may be. Aggressive start-ups with infinitely less capital are finding ways to circumnavigate the traditional buy-in necessities through lean methodologies, agility, tech, and tenacity.

In Innovation circles we talk about Blue Sky Thinking or Blue Ocean Strategy and identifying the holy grail, the uncontested market. This is now a standard part of the entrepreneurial/startup/innovation mindset, as is the desire to challenge the authority and security of established organisations. However, to achieve this goal of identifying the uncontested market,we can either depend on luck and serendipity, which appears to be the approach taken by many, or through a genuine process of Critical Analysis of the current business landscape. From within an established company this requires a mindset that looks beyond the boundaries of the organisation. Organisational growth exists in what we otherwise perceive to be the ambiguity beyond the walls.

The greater your capacity to Critically Engage with your clients and creatively solve their 'problems' the greater your opportunity for success. Your clients hold the key to your success, and recognising that your client base is shifting in their desire and opportunities is the first step to satisfying their needs.

What service provider wouldn't want their client wide eyed and smiling? Find a way to make a potentially painful process a pleasure and you're winning!

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