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Dr. Karl Thomas

Through Creatovation Karl collaborates with a range of stakeholders. He is Academic Lead in Innovation and Creativity for Trinity College Dublin as part of Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace where he delivers material to both academic cohorts up to Post-Doctoral level, and to Tangent’s corporate clients.

Karl is also lead tutor on a number of corporate Graduate programs across Ireland and Internationally.

Karl is a Design sprint facilitator and acts as a mentor at various innovation and entrepreneurship events and Hackathons, and provides coaching support to start-ups and business leaders.

Karl’s focus is on developing people who think differently in the field of innovation, creating future leaders who understand the value of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative problem solving as fundamental features of the innovation and business ecosystem.

Karl holds a Ph.D from Trinity College Dublin where his research involved analysis of concepts related to creativity, critical thinking and cultural perceptions of creative agency. Karl also holds a level 9 P.G Certificate from UCD in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, a Certificate in Psychology from NUI Maynooth, an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life and Neuro Performance Coaching and Certificates in Professional Practice in Training & Development and in Training Needs Analysis & Design.

Karl has designed programs and lectured at Trinity College in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Visual Culture and Critical Theory. At D.I.T Karl lectured through the Critical Theory dept, designing a number of courses on a range of topics, including Design, Narratology, and Critical Thinking. Karl also established a successful Innovation and Entrepreneurship course for Athlone I.T.

Karl is an award winning visual artist and award winning designer, a published poet, musician and is a creative branding consultant.


Dr Karl has delivered several Critical Thinking sessions for our Dive into Data Bootcamp and all learners - also including myself - have thoroughly enjoyed the session, lots have even come back to say it was their favourite part throughout the entire bootcamp! The sessions were fantastic and they really got your brain ticking! It’s wonderful to see how real life scenarios being used and how critical thinking is a part of your everyday life, and Dr Karl shows this brilliantly

Karl was a great facilitator, he had great energy. His slides were excellent and very engaging. He had a good understanding of ----- so was able to give valid input into the ideas we were working through.

I was especially impressed with the morning session and Karl’s ability to coax people out of their comfort zones and think without limitations or constraints.

He was engaging & interesting. I noted how effectively he facilitated the day with helpful advice & prompts when needed but very much stayed back & allowed teams to work when needs be. Well able to read the room & teams.


Karl was ideally suited to the task and encouraged us to think differently and creatively. He was very clued into what was needed from teams throughout the day. He has high levels of emotional and social intelligence as well as traditional academic intelligence.

How amazing the Facilitator was and informative he was. Creative, clear and fun.

Today was so interesting from start to finish.  There was a great mix of learning/theory and interaction.  I surprised myself in a group challenge with my ability to be innovative which was both surprising and exciting.  Feeling very motivated.

I  have felt very motivated and energised after doing Thursdays session with Karl.  One thing which Karl said which has stuck with me is that it is very easy and nice to be in the middle.  Standing out and being different is difficult and is an active thing which requires one to put themselves out there. 

We were introduced to active listening at the beginning of the day and personally I found this one of the hardest tasks to date.  To focus the mind completely, being more aware, is something I need to work on daily.  This feeds in to all aspects of life, home, work, social.  There was so much more to this class, this was a little part of it but really spoke to me.

Karl is a brilliant lecturer. He really made me think today. Thanks!

Karl was a super facilitator & brought best out of people.

We brought in Karl to work with our Senior Commercial team and our Engineering high potential groups in the space of creativity and innovation.  His ability to connect with people at all levels and to meet people at the knowledge level they are at, has been exceptional.   We have had excellent feedback from every programme that Karl has delivered and we also see evidence of the transfer of learning in the workplace.  I would highly recommend Karl.

Karl is amazing.  So inspirational!

Karl was really knowledgeable, interesting and engaging - made me feel confident I'll enjoy what's ahead in the course.

Dynamism and intellectualism of the main facilitator Dr. Karl Thomas, most engaging.

I never thought I was creative but I learnt today that I was creative, also my team came up with a brilliant idea for a business that I think we will move forward with.

Very impressive, great facilitator, was able to connect with the teams and was purely authentic. I would suggest we utilize him again in the future.


I had my own ideas of creativity and how creative I am and Karl was really good at myth busting and explaining false beliefs with great exercises and examples.

Dr. Karl was excellent and he delivered the first day of the course at a perfect pace. The content was engaging and varied and the time flew.

The lectures were very informative and I found the whole day very interesting, really gave a sense of questioning how we do things.

The safe environment that has been fostered in the last 3 weeks owing in no small part to  Dr. Karl Thomas's honest/personable style leading from the top of the classroom and filtering through the room. Without a piece of paper at the end, the journey in itself will have fostered personal growth for all.

I enjoyed the presentation, which is an incredible thing for me to be saying. I had so much anxiety beforehand, and prejudged the concept of speaking about achievement as somewhat of a vanity project, however, it was nice to be able to spin it and poke some fun at myself- I peaked at 7 yrs old!

I realized how creative I can be when I'm not an artistic person, Karl is absolutely amazing he makes learning fun. We did critical thinking today and I learned so much more than I thought I would.

The willingness to share and the safety and support within the group was very inspiring.  All deftly facilitated by Karl.

This was the best and most impactful session we’ve had yet.

I loved today's class. We were given an opportunity to be vulnerable in front of our classmates and from this, we grew. It was engaging and eye-opening and in my opinion the best class to date.

I'm biased as I hold special interest in Karl's field, but I did find it fascinating how he managed to get everyone to drop their personas to some degree before the day was out. I feel this openness achieved empathy that had us on the cusp of suggestibility, and could have been willingly coaxed into genuinely performing as a functioning collective.

Excellent – very relaxing style

I thought the session was great, I think I have taken away some useful techniques when approaching innovation Ideas.

Brilliant - limited lecturing and slides, great advice and help when he came to our table and we were struggling.

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