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Talking like two puppies off their leash.

Speaking to Alan Armstrong is always a pleasure. There are very few people more passionate and knowledgeable about the Start-Up space and lifestyle than Alan. His insights on the European Start-Up ecosystem are sensational. I’ve always found him to be a really valuable point of contact, not just because of his knowledge, or his network which is broad and wide, in no small part down to him personal warmth, but in the main because of his genuine positivity and interest in innovation, the people who create new ideas, and bringing projects from idea to implementation.

I was delighted to join Alan for his podcast. As you will hear, it covers a multitude, innovation, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and beyond. It’s long, but, that’s a testament to how interesting Alan is as a conversationalist.

I first met Alan a few years back, in Munich at an innovation event for sports, disabilities and inclusion, areas I'm hugely passionate about. Alan was speaking on behalf of EIT Health, the European of Institute of Innovation and Technology. A few months later, we made contact, and we've worked together on several projects since. It's an easy yes when an opportunity to work with Alan comes up, his professionalism is second to none, but that authenticity, belief in the value of the project and sincere desire to just make things better absolutely aligns with my values.

Alan is currently killing it on his various social media channels, which create a wonderful widow into the interesting, and diverse work he's doing across the innovation and entrepreneurship space.


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