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Graduate Program Learning and Coaching

Creatovation offers a range of supports for your graduate program, from individual workshops through to fully developed programs, consultation and support in design and development.  Particularly successful additions to our offering has been the facilitation of bespoke assignments, and graduate specific coaching and mentoring. 

Karl has extensive experience in the graduate space designing and delivering full programs and contributing to in-house programs. Karl has also been a member of the Graduate Ireland judging panel.

A well designed graduate program celebrates the values of the company and educates future leaders on the core competencies, practices and behaviours expected within an organisation. The Graduate Program is also an excellent opportunity to circulate new and evolving skills, ideals and expectations throughout an organisation by developing graduates who become ‘values-ambassadors’.

The well-structured graduate program provides new-entrants with an opportunity to further develop the skills gained throughout their educational journey, aligning them with the expectations within your organisation while introducing new avenues for application.

Our programs are designed to enhance already present skills and develop new complimentary skills that will help your graduates to navigate their new roles and responsibilities in accordance with your bespoke needs.

Masterclasses are designed to reinforce the value structure and core competency framework in you company while advancing understanding and application of new skills that will create engaged, accountable and innovative graduates, who can become productive, future-focused, inspiring and self-directed employees, your organisation into the future.

Programs address a range of key learning needs related to future skills of work while taking a whole-person approach to the material delivery. As a Masterclass facilitator, the Creatovation approach is based on creating engagement through opportunity. Participants are given the opportunity, and encouraged to use their personal and professional experiences as content for exploration, examination and application during the Masterclasses. By making the journey personal, relevant and specific to the learner and their journey, we are deepening the learning at every opportunity.

Coaching & Mentoring

Learning is further supported with 1-2-1 coaching sessions with each of the graduates. This allows the graduate to perform a deeper exploration in a more secure and confidential setting. These coaching sessions will take on a blended approach combining mentoring on specific subject matter with traditional coaching. Coachees will be given an opportunity to discuss the content of the group training sessions while identifying opportunities to incorporate the skills and new thinking into their roles at your company.

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