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‘The essence of critical thinking is suspended judgement; the essence of this suspense is inquiry to determine the nature of the problem before proceeding.’

 John Dewy


Being able to change our minds about something—to realize that we hold a false belief, and to then correct it—is an invaluable human capability.


False beliefs can stifle creativity and innovation, confuse debates and lead us to poorer decision making in our professional and personal life. Critical Thinking is a skill that we can take for granted, so much so that we forget that it must be trained and strengthened for greater development and application. If we allow faulty assumptions or poor reasoning to become entrenched in our minds we risk loss of opportunity to advance our position. 

This workshop will benefit people who want to become agile and innovative thinkers. Critical Thinking is now considered one of the top must have skills for 21st century success. Participants will learn to engage objectively, adapt their thinking and form ideas and opinions based on rational logic. Creatovation workshops develop Critical Thinking for business and real world application.


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