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Coaching & Mentoring

Dr. Karl Thomas holds an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life and Neuro Performance Coaching

In light of our current situation, all coaching will take place online. 

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Graduate Program Coaching 

As your coach my role is to support you in identifying, strategically planning and achieving your goals. I support my clients towards growth and fulfillment, both professional and personal. I help people become leaders, and leaders to become better leaders. I am personally motivated to challenge and support you in achieving beyond your expectations.

Success does not happen by accident. It happens by finding clarity, understanding our values and aligning them with our goals, being strategic and overcoming obstacles while recognising and rewarding our hard work.

It is not unusual for clients to reach out with a particular coaching agenda in mind, only to discover that they have underlying motivations and desires. This very often leads to new goals being explored and developed. This is the nature of coaching and my personal process is strongly grounded in clarity. Clarity is the gateway standard in Critical Thinking and fundamental is determining our journey starting point.

All coaching relationships are preceded by a chemistry check. This is a short ‘getting to know you’ session that allows you and I to determine if we are the right fit for each other. The personal and confidential nature of coaching requires comfort with each other, and with your personal agenda. Your agenda is your goal. This can absolutely be loose and vague. Coaching is about helping you to find clarity.

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